Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Happy Holidays - Reflection

As another year ends (and they seem to pass quicker and quicker) I like to take some time to reflect on accomplishments, as well areas needing improvement.

Paybyweb's greatest accomplishment this year came early. Last January, we assisted the American Red Cross in their Disaster Relief efforts to help Haiti. Paybyweb raised over One Million Dollars. Not a small feat. We were featured in the news (VIEW INFO HERE)

This industry is VERY competitive.  There are many companies out there trying to gain your merchant account business.   We want to be the company you choose to accept payments online or take credit cards at your business...however, Paybyweb strives to be different.  Whether we are donating 1,000 turkeys to Metropolitan Ministry's during the Holiday Season, or helping to raise money to help those in need, we believe that it is important to GIVE BACK TO THE COMMUNITY.

Yes, you want to make money!  So do we.  However, it is our belief that there is a bigger picture than just making money.  We will continue to find ways to assist those in need.  If you want to partner with a company like that...we're certainly okay with that.

From all of us Paybyweb, Have a Safe and Wonderful Holiday Season! 

Friday, December 17, 2010

Great Revenue Potential!

If you have a database of customers, that list may be worth thousands of dollars or more. Paybyweb has partnered with a data management company that pays up to $2 for each name.

How does it work? It's simple. First, contact Paybyweb and let us know that you have a list file of your customer database available. Your file should have at least 5k records. We will discuss how the file is generated and other details and arrange to test the file with our partners. Testing generall takes a few days for a phone test. If the file works, we will contact you to make arrangements to pay you and obtain the data.

It's that simple! Your customer data may be worth a lot of that may be just sitting there. If you are generating a customer list, contact us and let's talk about how that list can start paying you money.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Tips For Merchant Account Setup

Setting up a merchant account to accept credit cards is not rocket science, but it can be very confusing.   Here's a tip to help simplify the process.

Make sure you know the difference between requesting information and completing a merchant account application.  Many merchant service providers have forms on their site requesting information such as your business name, type of business, how much you process, etc.  They use these forms to gather data so that they can contact you back to go over merchant account rates fees and other information.   Some forms are actually merchant account applications to accept credit cards.  While you may think you may be completing the form just to get information back, you may be completing an application, which is a legal contract with the bank.  Once you digitally sign the application, you're bound by those terms and conditions to which you agreed by submitting the application.  Some sites, such as PayByWeb notify you that you are applying for a merchant account, just to make sure there is no confusion.

The merchant account application process can be simplified by making sure you take the time to read the information provided, before completing any forms or applications.