Wednesday, March 30, 2011

It’s not ALL about the Money!

In the merchant services, it seems to be all about the money. Pretty much every request generates a fee to the merchant. In many cases, it makes sense. What many merchants don’t understand is that a simple request like changing their banking information, while as simple for them as going online and filling out an application for a new bank account, requires significantly more for a merchant service company. That little requests could involve upwards of 5 or more departments at different companies all making their changes. Everything Costs! The question…what about giving BACK?

Does your merchant service company give back to the community? In the Jewish community, “Tzedekah”, or charity is right out of the Bible. How involved are our competitors and giving back? To know how they compare, first you have to know what PayByWeb has done to give back.

Yes, we donated 1,000 turkeys (and gravy) to Metropolitan Ministries feed the hungry, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Beginning in 2001, PayByWeb began a mutually beneficial relationship with the American Red Cross. We raised hundreds of thousands of dollars to aid victims families of 911. From there, we began raising money for Disaster Relief efforts including Hurricanes Katrina and Ike, as well as Earthquake efforts such as Chile and Haiti. For Haiti, Paybyweb raised over 1 Million Dollars.

Once again, we are raising money for those in need. PayByWeb has been working with the American Red Cross to raise money to help those affected by the Earthquake in Japan. We have already raised tens of thousands of dollars.

Something to consider when you shop a merchant acct provider! How do THEY give back to the community, whether locally or globally. Do they care at all…or is it all about the Money?

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