Thursday, April 7, 2011

Hollywood...Enough With The Remakes!

Every time we turn around, Hollywood spits out another remake of a film they have no business remaking. Now, its ARTHUR. Russell Brand should be ashamed. Whether this movie amuses or not, it is repulsive to me that the lack of creativity in California promotes filmmakers to delve into what has already been done. Arthur was a classic and nobody could do it like Dudley Moore. Producers of this film should be ridiculed. They would have better served the community by taking their money and donating it to the American Red Cross for relief to Japan, than to piss it away in this fashion.

Whether a movie could be done better or not a second time around, it shouldn’t! Hey, I have an idea, come up with something NEW! Next thing you know, there will be a remake of Star Wars or the Exorcist. Yes, Titanic (a remake) was one of the most financially profitable films made…EVER, but how often do these stupid remakes really create anything more enjoyable or better produced, than the original that they are replacing. Keep in mind that Titanic is a true story. Original movies like Arthur, Stepford Wives, 12 Angry Men, The Day the Earth Stood Still, Guess Who’s Coming Dinner, etc are classics that should never have been remade.

Sure, young people, with no idea that there is an original, will go see it, if not just to see the newest R.B. film. Me, I will gather the wife and kids, make a big popcorn, and put the original on the big screen at home. Hollywood…Cop a CLUE! Rent some creativity! Get some writers who have a great concept and make films that inspire the art. Until then, I’ll stick with Showtime.

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