Monday, June 27, 2011

FREE - Guide To Understanding Merchant Accounts

While merchant accounts and accepting credit cards may not require a degree from M.I.T, it can be very tricky.  There are many terms, policies, and procedures that can make the application process anywhere from a bit daunting to an outright nightmare.  Upon approval, the activation process can be complicated as well.  Desktop Terminal?  Pin Debit?  Payment Gateway?  API?  There are many choices available and again, confusion is not that uncommon.  Finally, keeping the account working.   Not getting terminated.  What to do and what NEVER to do.  Again...there is a lot to know.

PayByWeb is here to help make the process more simple.  Announcing PayByWeb's "Guide To Understanding Merchant Accounts", a FREE book that you can download anytime from our website.   The guide features
  • Tips to Getting Approved
  • Glossary of Merchant Account Terms
  • Things you should NEVER do
  • How to avoid your merchant account ending up in the Security Department
  • What is the Terminated Merchant File
  • Frequently Asked Questions, and much more!
We go in-depth and in simple language explain the world of merchant accounts, from top to bottom.  Regardless of where you setup your merchant account or process credit cards, you will find the Free "Guide To Understanding Merchant Accounts" an invaluable tool. 

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