Friday, June 6, 2014

Work Hard...Play Hard!

Yeah Yeah...we provide you with merchant accounts. You already know that.  You know we can set you up to take credit cards in one day and our fees our posted on our site at  We have been doing this since 1992.  That is some feat in itself.

But life is not all about merchant accounts.  Your life is not all about your business.  The truth is:

When you pass away, and you are standing at the gates of wherever it is you may be heading, and the person who decides whether you get it or not asks you, "What is your greatest wish?"...the likelihood of you saying, "I wish I would have worked harder!" is practically NIL!

Working is important.  I get that.  It puts food on the table and buys my 6 kids the GI JOE WITH THE KUNG FU GRIP (figuratively).  It is a necessity for me, as it likely is for you.  However, it can't be all there is.  I am 51 (turning 52 in a few days).  I spent much of my 30's and 40's working like a dog.  I missed kids parties and events because I had to work...or chose to work.

Now, I choose to work...LESS!   I made the conscious choice to spend more time with my family.  Enjoying this short term thing called LIFE!  I can sit here all day and tell you why you should accept credit cards, but the truth is you already know it.  I would rather tell you this:  GO PLAY WITH YOUR KIDS FOR A FEW MINUTES.  Read a book!  Take a walk!  Cuddle with your husband/wife/lover and talk about whatever makes you happy.  Throw a ball!  Take a hike.  Listen to the birds.  Hit the beach or a bike ride.

What I am saying is...ENJOY YOUR LIFE.  It's all we have.  We can't take anything with us.  We don't truly OWN anything.  All we leave behind is a bunch of accumulated stuff, and our families.  So, spend a few extra minutes with them.  Love them and let them love you.

...and when you're done, let PayByWeb get you setup to accept credit cards.  Hey, I had to throw that in there.  : )

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